A high pitch sound which should be written like “Teeeee!”

Pure happiness about little things is what people need

I started this blog because I felt that I want to share my ideas. It took me so long to figure it out, that I want to write and that I want to share what I write. I know, it will take lots of time to make myself clear. Too many ideas in my head. As well – too many languages which I need to learn/remember.

I was really in a doubt, in what language I should write. Maybe to use this as a learning place for German language (which I really need to master ASAP). Maybe in my mother-tongue Lithuanian? So as I couldn’t decide, I have chosen to write in English (which BTW I as well need to remember), so I need to warn you for very plausible mistakes! 

But TODAY is not about my pure decision making.

It is about – happiness

I have to admit – my life is like rollercoasters and today I am on the highest pitch, trying to look serious but screaming the happiness song out of my lungs (it sounds like *teeeeee* fiy). Where is the things why:

  • Today I slept without horror dreams about my beloved angel kitten anymore
  • I started to make my new place to my dream oasis and it makes me happy
  • My yesterday re-furnished living room gives me inspiration to move on
  • Finally I got an interview from the company I was applying for ages (no, I do not think, that they arranged interview because they want to say “Stop it”)
  • I got answer about my second volunteering place, which could help me to become what I want to be.
  • I really hope this happy rollercoaster pitch wont go extremely fast to downhill. Fingers crossed.

And do not think, that I am some kind of weirdo who sees only positive things. Today I am also sick, I still do not have a job, my relationship could be better, my motivation to do some work is not in existence. But somehow I make positive things to be more bigger today.

So what I wanted to share today, is my request:


We do not need to be extremely rich or to be successful in every part of our life. We just need to appreciate the time we have and we need to accept it as it is. Today is the day to start something new and challenging. Accept it and move on.

puss puss

Photo of my future nice inspirational place to be